Reference and Recommendation for Michele Rioux

“After being unemployed for months, I had trouble building a professional network that supported my job search. When I met Alyson at ProMatch, I was really impressed with her interaction with people. Engaging and supportive, she raised people’s energy with her positive attitude, enthusiasm and keen observations. She helped identify my personal brand, showing me how to highlight my strengths beyond an interview.

As an executive assistant I’m used to working behind the scenes, helping others shine. I was really uncomfortable putting the spotlight on myself. The information she uncovered on my behalf was incredible; she really validated the impact and results of my work with others. Alyson saw my contributions in a different light, helping me focus and repackage my value to prospective employers. Through her constructive and valuable feedback, I made the necessary changes to my resume and other materials. Most importantly, she increased my confidence. With her help I was able to network more effectively because I stayed true to my personality.

After interviewing for a coveted open position, I was one of several candidates being considered. The recruiter notified me that a reference check had started. Timing was critical between the recruiter and my references, and I didn’t want to lose out to other candidates because of telephone tag. I already had my Transformonials ready to go, which were stronger than the recommendations I had on LinkedIn as they spoke directly to my character and work ethic. The recruiter was able to use my Transformonials to complete the reference check; I got the job offer a week later!

Without Alyson’s help I might not have a job just yet. I’m convinced that she helped me get noticed. My references accurately reflected my accomplishments and abilities, and provided the credibility I needed.
Working with Alyson was easy; she made the process comfortable and safe. She helped me see parts of my personal brand I was discounting. I ‘m certain that my new branding was a key aspect in choosing me over other finalists. Having positive and trustworthy references are a major factor in the selection process today; Alyson helped me see and use my personal brand that got me hired.”

Michele Rioux
Former Job Seeker