Alyson Harrold, Founder

Alyson is a 25+ year veteran of corporate marketing and messaging. She grew up in a family-owned business where she learned the importance of customer service, hands-on management, and developing a niche within a community. She then cut her marketing teeth in San Francisco at a start-up magazine and a world-class advertising firm. For the last decade, she managed at the executive level, where she was responsible for all aspects of marketing – from product development to educational-based content — building customer acquisition and retention programs that built brand and added to the bottom line.
She now focuses on providing her clients Transformonials — strategic testimonials that measure reputation and highlights value and brand differentiation. With her strong consumer focus, supported by market research and writing abilities, Alyson creates content for her clients to use in presentations, web sites, and social media that build relationships where prospects are transformed into clients, and satisfied clients are transformed into raving fans.

What Her Clients Say…

  • Offering more than just testimonials for my web site, Alyson provided information that directly supports my website content and specific value propositions.
  • This is way beyond a mere testimonial which is something you can gather in email.  Instead, this was an opportunity to literally tie the content of testimonials back to my overall company purpose, my sweet spot.
  • For the business owner or individual who is ready to look at themselves and their business, Transformonials is an easy and smart decision.
  • Engaging and supportive, she raised people’s energy with her positive attitude, enthusiasm, and keen observations. She helped identify my personal brand, showing me how to highlight my strengths beyond an interview.
  • Alyson has helped me tremendously with developing a business/marketing plan that is simple to follow, attainable, and works for the creative trade.
  • She has a keen and creative eye, and her follow-through in putting plans into action is amazing.
  • … warm, approachable, easy to work with, and takes the intimidation out of the process.
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