A Client Reference: Bob Bates

Client Reference from Bob Bates at Resolve Today

Alyson was recommended to me by a colleague who is an executive coach and leadership consultant.  I was looking for a way to get more visibility for my business.  As a High Tech Marketing Director, I knew that references are “gold” for marketing and sales success.  However as a “solopreneur”, I hadn’t considered that I could get the level of professional help and results I had experienced in the past without a huge marketing budget and dedicated staff.

Alyson changed my thinking.

Alyson was great to work with, both in terms of her style and results.  She’s very easy to connect with and immediately took a genuine interest in my business.  Once she had a good understanding of the types of clients and services I offered, she moved into action, independently and with little direction from me.  All I needed to do was provide her the contact information for my reference list and she ran with it.  What a great benefit for a small business owner who has too much to do and too little time!

It was fabulous to receive well-thought out and professionally astute reference materials that she created from interviewing my clients.  Her service made it easy and comfortable for them to give feedback.  In turn I received candid and insightful opinions; I’m certain that it would be nearly impossible to gather on my own. Alyson provided me skillfully crafted and effective copy points I was able to put to immediate use on my website and marketing materials.

What I hadn’t planned for was the amazing boost to my confidence these references provided.  Even if I were never to use any of the great testimonials Alyson provided, it was well worth the investment.  I learned – from my clients’ perspectives – how I have directly made an impact on them.  Alyson has had a direct and positive impact on my business.

Although my initial work with Alyson was focused on obtaining references, our relationship has evolved to one where she has become a trusted advisor and consultant on a wide variety of communication and marketing issues.  Providing great feedback, insightful recommendations and supportive accountability, she helps me stay on track with all of my marketing initiatives.

I highly recommend working with Alyson if you want to learn more about your customers, expand your business and build even greater confidence in your work.

Bob Bates
Founder, Resolve Today