Good Intentions. Bad Results.

Business owners instinctively know that before a prospect turns into a client, they want to hear success stories.  When you demonstrate — rather than declare your value — your prospects  are more likely to engage your services.

Often when individuals ask their client for a testimonial, they get one of the following three outcomes:

  • Good intentions but no results. You overcame your discomfort to ask for a testimonial, and your client agreed. Yet, the testimonial didn’t materialize. Now, you feel uncomfortable to ask again.
  • A Ho-Hum Testimonial. You just completed a great engagement, and you delivered stellar results. However, the testimonial your client wrote doesn’t reflect and capture all the great things you provided. Or worse, it’s just a string of compliments without substance.
  • They Ask You to Write It. This is a mixed blessing, and there’s a dangerous balance. For those with plenty of ego (with reserves to spare), you risk being perceived as arrogant. Your testimonial can come across manipulative and smarmy. And for those who are uncomfortable tooting their own horn, you risk not going far enough. It’s a missed opportunity to show where you shine above the competition.

Getting Started

Whether you’ve been in business for years or just starting a new venture, you instinctively know that demonstrating your skills through client testimonials can be a powerful and persuasive business development tool.
If you’re a job seeker or professional in transition,  you need to standout in this competitive business market.  What better way than making sure your references are sharp and strategic.

Are You Ready?

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