Alison Salisbury: A Marketing Testimonial

Marketing Coaching & Consulting Testimonial

alison-salisbury-6144pI hired Alyson Harrold and Transformonials because I was preparing for an important presentation, one that needed to be professional and polished.  Although I knew what I wanted to say, I didn’t know how to exactly say it in a compelling way. The whole process of preparing for this presentation felt daunting, until I started work with Alyson.
Alyson came highly recommended; hiring someone who was knowledgeable about my industry was important to me.  She really listened, taking the time to really understand my needs, asking insightful questions while taking notes and paraphrasing key details along the way.  In our first meeting, she freely gave me several really good ideas to make the most of this speaking opportunity.

Alyson not only created a great presentation in my own voice, but also used her project planning skills to ensure that all elements and deliverables came together.  She produced sophisticated slides and helped me rehearse and feel comfortable with the logistics of delivering an out-of-state presentation.
She caught the nuances of my style immediately.  I had worked with another marketing person, that pushed her own style on my brand, and it felt very uncomfortable.  Alyson is in service to her clients—always.  Alyson respected my conversational style of communicating, utilizing it as an advantage to sustain my audience’s attention.
So creative, she crafts marketing materials that are in my voice, not hers.  Alyson helped me uncover my brand, speak authentically, and be consistently articulating my message in brochures, website, blog and in person.   Months after a presentation, I still get great comments and thank you cards.

My confidence level went from a 3 to a 9.  From a business perspective, she helped me uncover my value proposition.   Wise and practical, she parlays business wisdom that gets to the core of things.  I think of her as a trusted co-worker; she is collaborative in all ways.   A sounding board that’s always supportive and encouraging, she never grabs the spotlight, instead letting it shine on you.  I think her motto should be “your success is my success.”

She’s worth every penny; I get dividends on what I spend with Alyson. She spends a fraction of the time it would take me to produce marketing materials that are cohesive and effective.  By taking the time to learn about me and my services, she understands my business intimately.  I can rely on her to be objective while urging me to try new things.  She’s terrific at providing “Fortune 500” quality marketing for the small business owner who wants a polished brand that’s real and genuine.

Alison Salisbury
CEO, Fiscally Fit, Inc.