Endorsements and Accolades

Business Owners & Entrepreneur Clients

Endorsements from raving fans of Alyson Harrold & Transformonials.  Helping business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals, Transformonials create strategic testimonials that showcase brand and highlight expertise.  Success stories are the best way to demonstrate your capabilities and why prospects should choose you.

“Offering more than just testimonials for my web site, Alyson provided information that directly supports my website content and specific value propositions.  Great for SEO and ideas for product development, she presented validation and my brand’s keywords.  For the business owner or individual who is ready to look at themselves and their business, Transformonials is an easy and smart decision.”  [More Transformonial Love…]

Kirk Bennett
Founder, On Point Business Advisors

Alyson helped me uncover my brand, speak authentically, and be consistently articulating my message in brochures, website, blog and in person.   Months after a presentation, I still get great comments and thank you cards.

Wise and practical, she parlays business wisdom that gets to the core of things.  I think of her as a trusted co-worker; she is collaborative in all ways.   A sounding board that’s always supportive and encouraging, she never grabs the spotlight, instead letting it shine on you.  I think her motto should be “your success is my success.”    [More Transformonial Love…]

Alison Salisbury
CEO, Fiscally Fit, Inc.

Endorsement from Bob BatesIt was fabulous to receive well-thought out and professionally astute reference materials that she created from interviewing my clients.  Her service made it easy and comfortable for them to give feedback.  In turn I received candid and insightful opinions; I’m certain that it would be nearly impossible to gather on my own. Alyson provided me skillfully crafted and effective copy points I was able to put to immediate use on my website and marketing materials. [More Transformonial Love…]

Bob Bates
Founder, Resolve Today

“With her coaching skills, she helped us stay focused and on-track for getting results. She has a special talent for strategy and planning, and was creative in meeting our budget needs, while delivering a plan and needed resources to successfully implement.” [More Transformonial Love…]

Angela Gonzalez
Meridian Coaching & Consulting

I highly recommend Alyson. She has a keen and creative eye, and her follow through in putting plans into action is amazing. She’s warm, approachable, easy to work with and takes the intimidation out of the process.  [More Transformonial Love…]

Lara Pai
Principal, Lara Pai Dezigns

Individual Clients

Knowing about Transformonial’s approach, I knew Alyson could help rework and reword my resume so it would be more effective, reflect my personal brand, and competitively showcase my abilities. Alyson has a wonderful gift of asking great questions; she teased out important information to illustrate my accomplishments and support my background. After Alyson rewrote my resume, I immediately received phone calls.  I was hired within one month of the new resume being created! [More Transformonial Love…]

Karen Midlo
Executive Management, Senior Services

“When I met Alyson at ProMatch, I was really impressed with her interaction with people. Engaging and supportive, she raised people’s energy with her positive attitude, enthusiasm and keen observations. She helped identify my personal brand, showing me how to highlight my strengths beyond an interview.  Alyson helped me see and use my personal brand that got me hired.”  [More Transformonial Love…]

Michele Rioux
Former Job Seeker