For Individuals & Job Seekers

  • Need to standout in this competitive job market?
  • Want to feel more confident in your job search?
  • Unsure of how to package your brand and network effectively?  
  • Unclear how to repackage your skills & experience to the new economy?

Transformonials helps job-seeking professionals gather strategic employment references while uncovering their unique personal brand – the foundation where great summary statements, resumes, and social media profiles are created – to get noticed in this competitive job market.

Whether you are unemployed, under-employed, “in transition” or currently employed, the job search rules have dramatically changed. Social media and its associated ” currency” is affecting how each of us influence our respective industries.  It is common that corporate  management openings aren’t listed on job boards; recruiters are relying more heavily on their networks to find qualified candidates.

Transformonials helps you leverage your point of difference, create visibility, and build a strong professional network that lands your next job. Many job seekers (or folks who proactively manage their careers) aren’t clear about how others see or value their skills, and how to package them to their best advantage.  With Transformonials, you get a 360 degree analysis along with strategic job references that make you stand out.

Not landing interviews or getting past phone screens?  Transformonial clients discover how what’s holding them back and what may be  negatively impacting their credibility and “refer-ability. ”  You’ll also receive practical tools to increase the chances of learning about  hidden job openings.

Need more confidence? Our approach connects you with your successes while delivering powerful quotes from your references. Transformonials provides third-party validation of your professional accomplishments.  Each reference and testimonial is hand-crafted to showcase your expertise,  written strategically so you can use more than one quote from multiple sources without overlapping and duplicate language.

What Job Seeker Clients Say About Transformonials…

  • She helped identify my personal brand, showing me how to highlight my strengths beyond an interview.
  • The information she uncovered on my behalf was incredible; she really validated the impact and results of my work with others. Alyson saw my contributions in a different light, helping me focus and repackage my value to prospective employers.
  • Through her constructive and valuable feedback, I made the necessary changes to my resume and other materials. Most importantly, she increased my confidence. With her help I was able to network more effectively because I stayed true to my personality.
  • After interviewing for a coveted open position, I was one of several candidates being considered. The recruiter notified me that a reference check had started. Timing was critical between the recruiter and my references, and I didn’t want to lose out to other candidates because of telephone tag. I already had my Transformonials ready to go, which were stronger than the recommendations I had on LinkedIn as they spoke directly to my character and work ethic.

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“You might as well be your self, because everyone else is taken” – Oscar Wilde