Testimonial from Kirk Bennett

“Offering more than just testimonials for my web site, Alyson provided information that directly supports my website content and specific value propositions.  Great for SEO and ideas for product development, she presented validation and my brand’s keywords.

There’s simply no comparison for what Alyson offers.  She takes the idea of third-party testimony – which everyone wants for validation and trust-building purposes – and breaks it down to the fundamental drivers and values that reside at the foundation of any client relationship.   By digging into the values I display to my customers (whether I knew it or not), Alyson extracted the essence of what attracts prospects to a particular product or service.  The result was magic; I received testimony as well as the underlying key feelings that are normally kept locked up by the client.  By creating a safe environment for my clients, Alyson tapped into people’s hearts while keep her eye on my business goals.

The level of feedback and analysis (both physical and through a debriefing) was way beyond what I expected.  Using the testimonials in my business is maybe 10% of the deliverable with the other 90% of “brand intelligence” that I keep referring back to with my business.  Now, I insert more of my personal brand into my marketing and communication efforts; it allows me to focus on my point of difference.   For the business owner or individual who is ready to look at themselves and their business, Transformonials is an easy and smart decision.”

Kirk Bennett
Founder, On Point Business Advisors